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Helping Churches grow and stay healthy, Missionaries raise support, and Nonprofits form!
Vision – Make the next steps for your church a positive one!

John Scholte can help you make your vision a reality for the church you serve. John has the strategies and resources that will make you and your church successful! Give John a call for a free initial consultation. (858) 444-7666

Mission – Don’t follow a “one size fits all approach!”

Find your churches God given mission and get the buy-in from your ministry team, for a five, ten, fifteen or even twenty-year plan for the future.  John uses the most current research and information to develop a specific and exclusively designed plan using your unique vision, requirements, traditions, history, distinct gifts, church characteristics and demographics to keep your church healthy and growing.  Plus, he stays with your program for a full year to make sure you are off to a good start all included in one affordable rate. 

Focus – Take the path to church vitality

If your church is declining, or is hindered by conflict, John Scholte has the experience and training that can get your church healthy again! John has an innovative and time-tested Conflict Management System that has proven results. He has conducted workshops and seminars around the country which have helped church pastors, and their ministry teams, become effective change agents turning declining churches into healthy ones.

I am here to support and encourage you with creative solutions for your ministry challenges, by providing consulting services, that bring church health and vitality.

I’m John Scholte and I am a growth and church development specialist, providing affordable and efficient assistance to pastors, lay leaders and congregations.


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Dr. David Jeremiah, Senior Pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church
Bobby Schuller, Hour of Power Television Ministry
Max Lucado, Preaching Pastor of Oak Hills Church
Ken Blanchard, American Author and management expert.
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