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Don’t pay a lawyer thousands of dollars to get your non-profit set up with incorporation and 501 (c) 3 IRS designation.


Call John today for his very affordable rates! 

He can even get you your USPS Tax Exemption, and for those in California, your Franchise Tax Board Exemption.

Vision and Mission Statements

Need help developing or clarifying your vision and mission statements? Having a hard time with a committee that just seems to be stalled out?
John knows how to help you capture your vision and mission clearly and succinctly while keeping your team moving forward.  

Board Development

The biggest key to organizational health is your board! 

John has assisted many non-profits in creating a positive recruitment process, so they can make the right selection of board members. He also conducts board retreats and development training to help your board keep focused on the mission and vision.

Marketing and Public Relations

John has developed marketing plans, fundraisers, and promotions for churches, missionaries, and nonprofits. He will get your organizations message out to the general public or specific target group. This includes videos, brochures, websites, mailers, social media, and events. Contact John for a cost-effective plan! 

Call 858 – 444 – 7666              
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