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What My Company Can Do For Your Church

As my teaching colleagues have said, “I am a renaissance man.” Besides teaching, which I love, I also own a consulting company. As a professional adjunct instructor I teach at four different schools. Two of which are business related, so when I started my consulting company four years ago the company focused on supporting business. As it has grown we have expanded into education and now we include churches. This is only natural, since I have a church background, teach religion, served two churches, and have certifications in church growth, leadership development, and conflict management. So as my company tag line says, my consulting services exist “for business and educational growth and development,” and this now includes churches!

I have a team that includes; a banker, a CPA, a media specialist, marketing professional, a special projects manager and even a caterer.

The team is there to help me assist pastors and congregational members in making God’s vision a reality in their congregations. I work alongside pastors with strategies and resources to help them and the churches that they serve. I want the pastor and his or her congregation to take the positive next step in the life of its ministry.

If a ministry is hindered by conflict, I can bring about successful conflict resolution. If the congregation has struggled with change, the pastor can rely on me, as a partner, to guide him or her through successful ministry transformation. My primary belief is keeping churches and ministers together and moving forward!

Every church experiences conflict at one time or another. It could be between members of the congregation, between the congregation and church board, between pastor and congregation, or pastor and church board. In whatever form, the energy of the conflict will stall the progress of the church’s ministry.

Scholte Consulting Services provides the expertise and mediation process that will allow you to continue your ministry and help your ministry and church move forward.

My approach to conflict resolution accentuates:

  • A Scriptural Basis with a Church Growth Perspective,

  • An Emphasis on Leadership for Growth,

  • Consideration of Denominational Requirements or Traditions,

  • Enhancing Communication Between all Concerned.

Not only can I assist your church with conflict resolution I can assist pastors and congregations in making the vision that God has given them a reality. This is done through what we call a Ministry Plan.

My team and I will develop the right Ministry Plan for your church. Working with the pastor and congregation, our team will develop a five, ten, fifteen, or even twenty-year ministry plan. While we follow the most current church growth research and information, we do not use a “one size fits all” approach.

Each church will receive a specific and exclusively designed plan using:

  • Your unique vision

  • Your denominational requirements and/or traditions

  • Your church’s history, distinct gifts, characteristics and demographics

Scholte Consulting can provide all services or work with your select group based on your needs and budgetary considerations. Consultation is available throughout the life of the Ministry Plan and during Evaluation periods. We can even provide catering at Ministry Plan events!

Here are some other things my company can do for your church;

Ministry Transformation

Assisting pastors and leadership teams to become change agents and turning declining churches to growing ones.

Church Incorporation

Assisting churches with Articles of Incorporation and receiving their 501 (c) 3 IRS designation. Franchise Tax Board Exemption. USPS Tax Exemption.

Vision and Mission Statements

Assisting pastors and leadership teams in developing or clarifying vision and mission focus for growth and development.

Church Board Development

Assisting pastors with selection, teaching and training board members on the biblical responsibilities of Elders and Deacons.

Church Administration

Developing By-Laws, Training in Documentation of Corporate Minutes, Procedures for Board Meetings, Creation of Website, Marketing and Collateral Materials for Outreach.

Educational Programing

Assisting Churches in Developing a Christian Education Program for both Adults and Children.

Pulpit Supply

Available for Contemporary or Traditional Worship Services. Even Last Minute or Emergency Fill In!

Prayerfully consider everything I have shared in this blog and call me today at 858.444.7666, or e-mail me at john@scholteconsulting.com. The initial consultation is free and I guarantee we are the most affordable consulting company working with churches today! We can work with churches anywhere in the USA and Canada.

John M. Scholte, M. Div.

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