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Art & Theology Reformation Study Packet

“Where Can Truth Be Found?”

This course will examine the art and artistic eras, which showcase the Reformation and Counter-Reformation’s search for truth. The Study will also explore where Christians can encounter this same truth today.
The Study Packet Includes:

  • 1: Study Leader Workbook

  • 1: Participant Textbook – Rembrandt: The Dutch Baroque Style (Additional Texts can be ordered for $10.00 each)

  • 6: Videos   (10 to 15 minutes each)


Lenten Bible Study Packet

A Lenten Study for individuals, small groups and churches.
This is a bible study for the Season of Lent covering some of the common themes related to the season. It is designed for traditions that do not normally celebrate Lent, but would work well also with those that do. It is intended for 1 hour sessions in adult education or small groups, with the flexibility to be four to eight weeks long. Each Video is 12 to 15 minutes in length.
The Lenten Bible Study Packet includes:

  • 1: Study Leader Workbook

  • 1: Participant Workbook (Each Additional Workbook is $5.00)

  • 1: Devotional Book (Each Additional Book is $5.99)

  • 4: Videos


To order call 858-444-7666


Advent Devotional

Professor and Student are back with another devotional designed to help you grow deeper in your spiritual life. With a scripture, prayer and devotion for each day of Advent this book is designed to help you grow deeper in your spiritual life and eagerly anticipate not only Christmas, but the Second Coming of Christ! This book will work well for individual devotion, study in small groups, or in church worship.



In this fun, easy to read supplemental text, Professor Scholte shows how Rembrandt followed, and deviated from, the traditional Baroque art form. Professor Scholte uses two of Rembrandt's beautiful paintings as a reference point; The Blinding of Samson and Bathsheba with Kind David's Letter. Purchase your copy today!



Professor Scholte examines the artists, Claude Monet and Edouard Manet, to discover if their artistic methods developed the art movement called Impressionism. In this light survey of their life, times, and particular influences regarding Impressionism, Professor Scholte examines the art of Impression, Sunrise, La Japonaise, Luncheon on the Grass, Olympia, among others. Add it to your collection today!


Chinese Ink Brush

This book is a supplemental text for beginning students of the Humanities and those who love horses! Most students notice that Chinese painting is artistically “different” than what they have experienced from their own Western traditions and they need a new approach to understanding or grasping what they view. Many students can miss the message and meaning of Chinese Ink Brush Painting, so Professor Scholte, offers a quick glance as a way to open up the students world to the riches of this art form. Even in this slim volume students can gain greater pleasure and understanding of Chinese ink brush painting and the beauty of the horse. $20.00


Lenten Devotional

A Team Effort!

Professor Scholte has teamed up with friend and Bible student Germaine Griffths, to bring you a 40 day spiritual retreat that will lead you to a joyous Easter!


“I'm using it now for my Lenten devotions, and I find it inspiring and though-provoking.  Great resource!”  - Dr. Robert Van Voorst
“Great format and easy to follow. My coworker and I decided to do this together during Lent which was a great idea because when the day wasn't going so great it served as a pick me up.” – Khalilah Hickman


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